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Before Buying A Replacement Window Ask These Questions

Jul 25, 2019

Planning a window replacement isn’t as straightforward as you think. There are many questions homeowners ask, ranging from glass type to price. However, there are a few key concerns that should be addressed. This way, you can find the ideal window for your home.

Here are some important questions to ask your contractor.

Hidden Fees

Many homeowners focus only on the price of the window, but there are other legitimate expenses to consider. A window installation differs from the window itself, meaning the price could be more than just the cost of installation. There might also be fees that aren’t provided outright, which can apply during emergency situations. For example, you might need to pay a fee for frame removal. Clarify this with your contractor before you sign a contract.

On-Site Operation

Many contractors handle the overall progress of a window replacement. However, not all are as hands-on in their work. If you prefer your contractor to be on-site, ask. If they aren’t, see why that’s the case.

Time of Completion

Replacing the windows takes time, but exactly how much varies. It depends on many factors, including the company’s procedure, the window type and the weather. Whatever the case, your contractor should have a decent estimate. Ask ahead to plan the appointment better.


Whether it’s a window or door replacement, the project site should be cleaned up by the contractor. It’s only fair since the mess will be from their work. Some companies neglect this process, so ask your contractor about their post-installation process. A general rule is if they offer to clean it up, they can be trusted.

At Castle Windows, we offer various window styles and types. We also put our customers first, helping them understand how we conduct our service. Call us today at (844) 348-4442 to schedule a free quote. We serve Fort Wayne, IN, and Lima, OH, residents.

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