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How to Maintain Your Doors

Jul 25, 2019

Entry door systems can help your home make a great first impression. The only way to enjoy them, however, is by properly maintaining your systems. Here’s how you can keep your doors in peak condition.


The first step to cleaning your doors is to look at it. Take a look at the door, and check every part of it. This includes the handle, the weatherstripping, the hinges and other essential components. You’ll also want to test the door and its locks. Keep in mind any problem right off the bat, such as peeling finishes or cracked frames.

Clean It Up

To avoid a lengthy door replacement, you need to keep it clean. Get mild soap, a bucket of water and a sponge. Rinse the entire door, and wipe it dry. If you want to clean the weatherstripping, furniture wax can make it look nicer. Glass doors, such as patio doors, can be freshened up with vinegar mixed with water.

There are some important things to avoid when cleaning the door. First off, don’t use a hose or power washer. It will cause the paint or finish to fade, peel or crack. If there are loose paint peelings, you can get rid of them with a brush.

However, don’t use brushes or hard sponges to fully clean the door. It will leave scratches. Also, avoid cleaning on a sunny day. Cleaning solutions could dry up before you can wipe it clean, which can leave large stains.

Consult an Expert

Sometimes, cleaning your entry door won’t be enough. Eventually, you will need to replace them. When the time is right, you can consult Castle Windows. We offer high-quality doors, from storm doors to steel entry doors.

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