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The Features and Benefits of Our Entry Doors

Jul 25, 2019

When you need a door replacement, your new door should be made of the right material. It should be able to endure any type of weather for over 20 years. It should also have a color and style that matches your home. And, it should be easily customizable.

Our doors satisfy all four conditions. Castle Windows explains more below.

Design Flexibility

We talk about the beauty of our entry doors for good reason. Style helps make your home valuable, both to your guests and to you. It helps your exterior look beautiful, and every homeowner deserves a good-looking home.

Our doors are available in fiberglass and steel variants. Either can be colored to fit your home’s overall exterior design. Fiberglass can mimic real wood and give your facade a rustic ambiance. On the other hand, steel can be painted over with any color you like.


A good home improvement project should always involve an upgrade to a more durable material. The new one should be able to handle any weather condition without fading or breaking. That’s what makes our entry doors special. They are resistant to the elements, from water to fire.

For example, our door and window replacements come with rot and mold-resistant frames. They also come with a heat-resistant trim to fight fading colors and energy loss.


One of the best features of all our entry doors is the money you’ll save. They can help you manage your expenses in different ways. From energy efficiency to long-term maintenance, we have you covered.

For example, our steel entry doors are heat-resistant, reflecting hot air away from your home. Also, both our door and window replacement products are built to be low maintenance. This means you only need to wash it on occasion, and it can survive with only annual inspections and maintenance.
Our catalog features doors and windows that are durable, flexible and worth every cent. To learn more, call us today at (855) 814-9330. We serve Fort Wayne, IN, and Lima, OH, residents.

Warranty Shield
Nothing in the World is Guaranteed Like a Castle Centurion Exteriors Replacement Window

When you carry the best products in the industry, you can confidently provide the best warranty in the industry. This is why Castle Centurion Exteriors is proud to offer a true lifetime warranty for all of our products – without any legalese or fine print to interpret. All aspects of your windows are covered, and in the event that you move, the warranty is fully transferable to the next homeowner.

Guild Quality
Guild Quality
210 Ratings

“If anyone needs windows, Castle Centurion Exteriors is the way to go. I can not say enough good things about the company. They did a great job and we are very pleased.”

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